July 13, 2024
Virat Kohli's Emotional Tribute to Jasprit Bumrah at Wankhede Stadium

In a heartwarming event at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, the Indian cricket team received a grand welcome following their recent triumph. The highlight of the evening was Virat Kohli’s touching tribute to star bowler Jasprit Bumrah, which left fans and teammates deeply moved.

Virat Kohli’s Speech

During the celebration, Kohli took to the stage to praise Bumrah’s pivotal role in securing the victory. He acknowledged a critical moment in the final match when it seemed like the game was slipping away from India’s grasp.

Kohli stated, “There was a moment when the final match was slipping from our hands, and we all knew it well. But then came Bumrah, who turned the tide in our favor. I want everyone in the stadium to give a huge round of applause to Jasprit Bumrah for his incredible performance.”

Impact of Bumrah’s Performance:

  • Key Stats: In the final, Bumrah delivered a match-winning spell, taking 3 crucial wickets for just 22 runs in his four overs.
  • Turning Point: His exceptional bowling in the death overs was instrumental in India’s comeback, restricting the opposition to a below-par score.

Stadium’s Reaction

Following Kohli’s heartfelt words, the crowd erupted in cheers, chanting “Boom Boom Bumrah.” The atmosphere was electric as fans showed their appreciation for Bumrah’s heroics. Bumrah, visibly humbled, shyly acknowledged the crowd’s applause.

Crowd Engagement:

  • Chants and Cheers: The chant of “Boom Boom Bumrah” resonated throughout the stadium, demonstrating the bowler’s immense popularity and the high regard in which he is held by fans.
  • Team’s Reaction: Captain Rohit Sharma and other team members were seen cheering enthusiastically, reflecting the camaraderie and mutual respect within the team.

Kohli’s Appeal for Bumrah’s Continued Presence

In his speech, Kohli also touched upon his own retirement plans, urging Bumrah not to consider retirement anytime soon. “We are lucky to have Jasprit Bumrah in our team. I want him to continue playing for India for many more years,” Kohli said, emphasizing Bumrah’s importance to the team and the void his absence would create.

Retirement Context:

  • Kohli’s Retirement: Kohli has hinted at retirement but stressed the need for Bumrah to remain a part of the team, highlighting the bowler’s value.
  • Future Prospects: Bumrah, currently one of the world’s leading fast bowlers, has a significant role in India’s future cricketing endeavors.

Historical Context and Bumrah’s Achievements

Jasprit Bumrah’s contributions to Indian cricket have been monumental since his debut. Known for his unique bowling action and ability to deliver under pressure, Bumrah has consistently been a match-winner for India.

Bumrah’s Career Highlights:

  • International Debut: January 2016 in T20Is against Australia.
  • ODI Debut: October 2016 against New Zealand.
  • Test Debut: January 2018 against South Africa.
  • Key Achievements: Bumrah is the fastest Indian bowler to reach 50 Test wickets and has numerous match-winning performances in all formats of the game.


The grand welcome at Wankhede Stadium was a testament to the Indian cricket team’s unity and the high regard in which Jasprit Bumrah is held by his teammates and fans. Virat Kohli’s emotional tribute not only highlighted Bumrah’s crucial contributions but also underscored the importance of his continued presence on the team.

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