July 13, 2024
Ishan Kishan

The exclusion of Ishan Kishan from the Indian cricket team’s roster has raised several eyebrows and sparked debates among fans and analysts.

Once touted as a promising talent for the No. 3 spot in the T20 World Cup 2024, Kishan’s sudden disappearance from the team list has left many questioning the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI’s) decision-making process.

Ishan Kishan’s Credentials

Ishan Kishan has an impressive record in domestic cricket, often outperforming his peers. He has played more first-class and List-A matches than many of his contemporaries, like Ruturaj Gaikwad, Shubman Gill, and Rishabh Pant. His consistent performances made him a strong candidate for the national team.

Career Stats:

  • First-Class Matches: 48, Runs: 2,805, Average: 38.96
  • List A Matches: 81, Runs: 2,997, Average: 37.91
  • T20 Internationals: 24, Runs: 652, Average: 28.34

Despite these numbers, Kishan’s name has been conspicuously absent from recent team announcements.

Recent Exclusion

Kishan’s exclusion from the squad for the South Africa tour raised questions. He cited mental health issues as a reason for needing a break, but later controversies arose when he was seen partying during this period. This led to a backlash, and the BCCI subsequently dropped him from the annual contract list, alongside Shreyas Iyer​​.

BCCI’s Decision:

  • The BCCI’s official stance is that Kishan should focus on domestic cricket to regain his form. However, Kishan has already played a significant amount of domestic cricket, outperforming many of his peers​​.
  • Kishan was replaced by Jitesh Sharma for the recent tours, a decision that has been criticized given Sharma’s less impressive domestic record.

Comparisons and Controversies

The situation is reminiscent of past instances where talented players from non-metropolitan areas felt overlooked compared to their counterparts from major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Kishan, hailing from Jharkhand, seems to be facing a similar challenge.

Contemporary Comparisons:

  • Ruturaj Gaikwad: 37 first-class matches, 2,226 runs, average 38.37
  • Shubman Gill: 34 first-class matches, 3,162 runs, average 52.70
  • Rishabh Pant: 39 first-class matches, 2,927 runs, average 48.78

These players have been consistently favored, while Kishan, despite his strong performances, has been sidelined.

The Need for Proper Communication

A significant issue highlighted is the lack of proper communication between the BCCI and Kishan. Effective communication is crucial in handling young talents, especially those facing mental health challenges. The role of coaches and management is to guide and support players, ensuring they remain focused and motivated.

Expert Opinions:

  • Analysts argue that young players like Kishan should receive more support from the BCCI. Proper mentorship could help them overcome personal challenges and improve their game​​.
  • Former players emphasize the importance of a transparent selection process and the need to address any biases that may exist within the system.


The curious case of Ishan Kishan’s exclusion from the Indian cricket team highlights several issues within the BCCI’s selection process and player management strategies. As fans and analysts call for more transparency and support for young talents, it remains to be seen how the BCCI will address these concerns.

Ensuring effective communication and fair opportunities for all players, regardless of their regional backgrounds, is essential for the future of Indian cricket.

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