July 13, 2024
Ben Stokes' Fiery Response to Australian Media's Mockery

Recently, Ben Stokes, England’s cricket captain, responded with visible frustration to an Australian media post that mocked one of his remarks from the England and Wales Cricket Board’s new documentary series on the Ashes 2023. The controversy erupted after Fox Cricket posted a snippet of Stokes’ speech out of context, which led to a heated exchange on social media.

The Controversial Comment

The incident traces back to a statement made by Ben Stokes following the fourth Test of the Ashes series, which ended in a draw due to rain. Stokes, aiming to uplift his team’s spirits, said:

“Everything we have done up until now because we haven’t managed to win the urn back, the reward for our work isn’t what we get, but what we become. And what we have managed to do is we have managed to become a sports team that will live forever in the memory of people who were lucky enough to witness us play cricket.”

Fox Cricket, however, selectively edited the quote and posted only the final part, adding a sarcastic caption: “Righto, sure, kinda.”

Stokes’ Reaction

Ben Stokes did not take the mockery lightly and retorted on social media. He tweeted:

“Said this to the team who had watched the rain for two days when we had our foot on your throats. Just tried to cheer up the disappointed, to be honest. But anyways, rent-free and all that.”

Stokes’ response highlighted his frustration with the media’s misrepresentation of his motivational speech and defended the integrity of his team’s performance during the series.

Impact on the Ashes Series:

  • Fourth Test Draw: The fourth Test was crucial as England was in a strong position to win before rain intervened, resulting in a draw. This draw meant that Australia retained the Ashes, as they were leading the series.
  • Team Morale: Stokes’ original comment was meant to boost team morale after a disappointing outcome due to factors beyond their control.

Context And Analysis

The rain-affected fourth Test left England on the brink of a crucial victory, and Stokes’ comments were a testament to his leadership, aiming to maintain the team’s confidence despite the setback. The misrepresentation by Fox Cricket not only took the comment out of context but also sparked unnecessary controversy.

Statistical Context:

  • England’s Position: At the time of the rain interruption, England was in a commanding position, needing just 224 more runs with all wickets in hand on the final day.
  • Historical Rain Impacts: Weather interruptions have often played a decisive role in cricket, especially in the Ashes series, affecting outcomes and leading to mixed reactions from teams and fans alike.

Broader Reactions

Stokes’ response received widespread support from fans and fellow cricketers who appreciated his straightforwardness and defended the team’s efforts. The incident underscores the ongoing tension between the English and Australian cricket teams and their respective media.

Social Media Reactions:

  • Support for Stokes: Many fans echoed Stokes’ sentiments, criticizing Fox Cricket for their post and commending Stokes for standing up for his team.
  • Criticism of Media Practices: The episode also sparked discussions about responsible media practices and the impact of taking statements out of context.


Ben Stokes’ rebuttal to the Australian media highlights the importance of context in sports commentary and the role of media in shaping narratives. His defense of his team and clarification of his motivational speech serve as a reminder of the resilience and sportsmanship that define cricket.

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