July 13, 2024
Pakistan Cricket Board Announces Full Schedule for August 2024 to March 2025

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has unveiled an extensive schedule for the national cricket team from August 2024 to March 2025. The team is set to play nine Test matches, nine T20 internationals, and 14 one-day internationals (ODIs).

The number of ODIs could increase if Pakistan qualifies for the finals of a triangular series or progresses to the semi-finals or finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2025.

Home Series and Matches

Bangladesh Series:

  • 1st Test: August 21-25, 2024, in Rawalpindi
  • 2nd Test: August 30 – September 3, 2024, in Karachi

England Series:

  • 1st Test: October 7-11, 2024, in Multan
  • 2nd Test: October 15-19, 2024, in Karachi
  • 3rd Test: October 24-28, 2024, in Rawalpindi

West Indies Series:

  • 1st Test: January 16-20, 2025, in Karachi
  • 2nd Test: January 24-28, 2025, in Multan

Triangular Series:

  • They are scheduled from February 8-14, 2025, featuring Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand.

ICC Champions Trophy 2025:

  • Pakistan is set to host the tournament, starting shortly after the triangular series.

Away Series

Tour of Australia:

  • 3 ODIs: Specific dates to be announced
  • 3 T20Is: Specific dates to be announced

Tour of Zimbabwe:

  • 3 ODIs: Specific dates to be announced
  • 3 T20Is: Specific dates to be announced

Tour of South Africa:

  • 2 Tests: Specific dates to be announced
  • 3 ODIs: Specific dates to be announced
  • 3 T20Is: Specific dates to be announced

The away series are scheduled to run from November 4, 2024, to January 7, 2025.

Significant Highlights and Historical Context

Bangladesh Tour of Pakistan:

  • Bangladesh last toured Pakistan in 2020. The upcoming series will further strengthen cricketing ties between the two nations.

England Tour of Pakistan:

  • England’s last Test series in Pakistan in December 2022 ended in a clean sweep by England.

West Indies Tour of Pakistan:

  • The 2025 series will be the first Test series between Pakistan and West Indies in Pakistan since 2006, when Brian Lara and Inzamam-ul-Haq were captains.

Triangular Series and Champions Trophy:

  • The triangular series will serve as a prelude to the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, which Pakistan will host. The Champions Trophy will be a major event, bringing top cricketing nations to Pakistan.

PSL Rescheduling:

  • The Pakistan Super League (PSL) will be held in April and May 2025, deviating from its traditional February-March schedule to accommodate the ICC Champions Trophy.

Challenges and Expectations

Weather Concerns:

  • The PCB has scheduled a Test match in Multan in January, a time known for dense fog in the region. This could potentially impact play, suggesting a need for better planning regarding match venues.

Team Preparations:

  • The packed schedule will require the Pakistani team to maintain peak fitness and form. The PCB’s decision to withhold NOCs for key players to participate in global T20 leagues ensures they remain available for national duties and can focus on the upcoming matches.

Fan Engagement:

  • The home series, especially against historic rivals like England and West Indies, are expected to draw significant crowds and viewership, boosting the morale of the team and cricket fans in Pakistan.


The announced schedule marks an intense and challenging period for Pakistan cricket, with a mix of home and away series leading up to the ICC Champions Trophy 2025. The PCB’s strategic planning aims to prepare the team for high-stakes international competitions, providing ample opportunities to fine-tune their skills and strategies.

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