July 13, 2024
Cricket Australia Proposes Triangular Series with India and Pakistan Amid Political Tensions

The intense rivalry between India and Pakistan in cricket is a spectacle that garners global attention, driving massive viewership and substantial revenues for broadcasters.

Recognizing this, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has frequently scheduled India-Pakistan clashes in World Cups and other major tournaments. However, despite the ICC’s efforts, bilateral relations between the two nations have been non-existent due to political tensions.

Historical Context and Recent Developments

The last India-Pakistan bilateral series took place in 2012–13. Since then, the only encounters between these two teams have been in multi-nation tournaments like the ICC World Cups and Asia Cups. The political backdrop has severely restricted any direct cricket engagements between the two neighbors.

Key Facts:

  • T20 World Cup 2024: India and Pakistan were grouped together, ensuring a high-octane match that drew significant global viewership.
  • Bilateral Series: The Indian government has consistently opposed bilateral series with Pakistan, citing political and security concerns.

Cricket Australia’s Proposal

Cricket Australia (CA) has recently expressed interest in hosting a triangular series featuring India and Pakistan, along with Australia. Nick Hockley, the CEO of Cricket Australia, highlighted the immense commercial and sporting potential of such a series.

This proposal harks back to the popular triangular series held in Australia during the 90s, which featured teams from around the world and included both India and Pakistan on multiple occasions​ (CricInformer)​​ (icc)​.

Statement by Nick Hockley: “We are keen to revive the triangular series format with India and Pakistan. The response from fans, broadcasters, and sponsors has been overwhelmingly positive, and we believe it will be a significant event in the cricketing calendar.”

Cricket Australia Proposes Triangular Series with India and Pakistan Amid Political Tensions

Challenges and Roadblocks

Despite Cricket Australia’s enthusiasm, several hurdles need to be addressed:

  1. Political Tensions: The strained political relationship between India and Pakistan poses a significant challenge. The Indian government’s stance on not playing bilateral series with Pakistan remains a major barrier.
  2. Security Concerns: Ensuring the safety of players and fans is paramount. Previous instances of violence and threats have made it difficult to secure venues for such high-profile matches.
  3. Board Approvals: Both the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) need to agree on the terms and logistics of the series. Past attempts have been thwarted due to disagreements and external pressures.

Financial and Commercial Interests

The financial allure of an India-Pakistan series cannot be overstated. These matches attract some of the highest viewership numbers in cricket, translating to substantial advertising and broadcasting revenues.

Economic Impact:

  • Viewership: India-Pakistan matches in ICC tournaments consistently break viewership records. For instance, the 2019 World Cup match between the two teams was watched by over a billion people globally.
  • Revenue Generation: The potential revenue from broadcasting rights, sponsorships, and ticket sales is immense, benefiting not just the host nation but also the participating cricket boards.

ICC Champions Trophy 2025

Adding to the complexity is the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan. Given the current political scenario, speculation is rife about whether India will participate. If India agrees to play in Pakistan, it could pave the way for more bilateral engagements or even the proposed triangular series in Australia​ (icc)​.

Current Status:

  • ICC Schedule: The ICC has circulated the tentative schedule to all member boards, including the BCCI and PCB. As of now, there has been no official confirmation from India regarding their participation in Pakistan.
  • Potential Outcomes: Positive engagement in the Champions Trophy could lead to a thaw in relations and open doors for future series, including the proposed triangular series in Australia.


While Cricket Australia’s proposal for a triangular series with India and Pakistan is promising, it is fraught with challenges primarily stemming from political tensions and security concerns. The commercial benefits are clear, but the feasibility hinges on diplomatic developments and mutual agreements between the BCCI, PCB, and respective governments.

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