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Your Footy News works with professional and freelance journalists in the UK. With a single goal of centralizing the latest headlines worldwide, we ensure that all contributors to the website are with high qualification and respectable experiences on various topics.

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Your Footy News Authors and Contributors

Alfie Baker (7)
Performalis Ltd. Brings Plans For The Irish Market

Alfie is Your Footy News Editor-in-Chief. He received his degree in journalism from the University of Derby. Since 2015, Alfie joined various media publication, both as a regular or a freelancer. Mostly, Alfie's topics vary from Business and Entertainment headlines, but since becoming Your Footy News EIC, he has become versatile to different niches. In his past time, he offers business mentoring to start-up companies. One day, he hopes to cook a full course meal.

: +44 203 5143158

Ethan Bennett (5)
Critics Foresee Dismaying Results For Google’s Music Streaming Service Release

Ethan is our Tech Insider. He graduated from Sheffield University with flying colors. Primarily, Ethan focuses on online monetization and out of the box tech discoveries. He mixes his opinions to every headline and evaluates its impact on our daily lives. He is now a full-time contributor to Your Footy News.

: +44 203 5143219

Lucas Griffiths (6)
RED Customers Promises $1200 Hydrogen One phones By August 2018

Lucas received his BA in Journalism Studies from Sheffield University. He has been an online publisher, offering his services to different clients across the globe. He started his career as a freelance writer for one of the top media in the US. Today, he is a full-time contributor to Your Footy News. Aside from his journalism career, Lucas also offer other services such as Online Marketing, Fact Checking, and Content Management.

: +44 203 5143545

Matilda Cook (4)
Nintendo Switch Under Fire For Possible Patent Infringement

Matilda is a Social Media Influencer and Online Journalist since 2016. She joined various network spreading her brand, and tackle topics she's very interested in such as Business, Finance, and Showbizness. She also offers Digital Marketing Services to various companies who seek help with their online presence. She is now a fulltime contributor to Your Footy News.

: +44 203 5143595

Noah Parker (2)
500 Subway Stalls Set To Close This 2018

Noah is one of our intern in Your Footy News. He joined our network to gain experience and develop his skills. He is currently finishing his degree at Winchester University. He aims to provide readers in-depth information on various topics through research and interviews. In his spare time, Noah loves to play video games. So, if you have questions about the latest title, Noah is your guy.

: +44 203 5143602

Scarlett James (2)
Baidu Beats Expectations and Forecasts

Scarlett is a beauty expert and a professional journalist. She received her degree from Edinburgh Napier. One of the topics she tackles are monetization techniques to help and encourage online publishers to persevere. Further, she offers other services as a freelance business strategist such as proposals, ROIs, and much more. She is now a fulltime contributor to Your Footy News.

: +44 203 5145465

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