Initially a manufacturer of digital cinematography and photography cameras and accessories, the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company announced in July 2017 that it was going to give smartphone manufacturing a shot.

The company introduced the RED Hydrogen One, which consumers pre-ordered for $1,200 per device. With RED promising an early 2018 ship date and then moving it sometime this summer, customers are more anxious to get their hands on the product.

James Jannard founder of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, tried to alleviate concerns by the anxious and very doubtful pre-order customers by saying, “We have no idea whatsoever what we are doing, and that some of the bumps in the road are just natural parts of learning how to work with the complexities of the cellular industry.”

He also said that RED experienced similar growing pains when it first started in the camera industry, something that (despite the occasional problem with missed launches) has resulted in the company becoming one of the top names in the world of high-end video equipment.

Jannard promises that there will be more firmware/software updates than any other phone ever made as the company continues to learn more about smartphones.

The Hydrogen One is its 4-View holographic display that will allow customers to move their head to look around objects in certain photos and videos. RED was originally going to sell an attachment that’d allow you to capture 4V content on the Hydrogen One, but thanks to the delay, will be adding a second camera to the front and back so you can record it natively.

RED claims that the Hydrogen One will revolutionize how we view content, especially its 5.7-inch “holographic display.” However, people are skeptical about it because only a few people outside the company have seen it in action. Whether this upcoming tech marvel will be a success or not, it is still a revolutionary concept in the history of phones.


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