Google is up to release a new music streaming site which might call the end of Google Play Music. Sadly, critics pick at the motion elected by Google, citing that it cannot beat Apple Music and Spotify.

Google has come to release a new music streaming service called YouTube Remix. The service is not the first of the subscription-based revenue appeal that YouTube had put up for offers, and still, Google is readily a corporation that is steady upon the aid of advertisements that follow within its sites and several other subdomains.

Overall, the critics deny any form of foreseen success for the new project as not only does Google not show prior initiative to the more significant marketing (due to the readily lax steady flow of income that they already receive through their base ads). The main competitors (Apple Music and Spotify) are at the peak that at this point Google may not be prompted to beating down on sales as of yet.

As it appears that Google may, in turn, scrap Google Play Music, the assessment performance of the application as it was is brought forth on the table. Under comparison of Google Play Music, it does not fit much into consideration to Apple Music or Spotify.

Spotify tends to aid as the top music streaming service, that is to be said, while Apple Music is also a top-tier program as that it comes along with the iOS service. While critics do not entirely dismiss Google Play Music, it does not have as much a set against the two main competitors of music streaming arenas.

Google has put the product out in a manner of “decluttering” the copyrighted materials that one can stream through YouTube. In trying to come up for a way to continuously adapt to the growing consumers taking stock of their products, to try and commercialize past the ad revenue has yet to be fully functional and set past YouTube Red, seeing as the lacking trials came from before.


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