Gamevice has once again put a lawsuit against Nintendo for supposedly infringing patent rights.

Nintendo’s expansion of the Nintendo Switch for importation into the United States could be put on halt as Gamevice puts forward their case. Gamevice reports that the corporation has broken US Tariff 1930. Their argument was brought forward to the USITC for a further run on their case. The Nintendo Switch’s fate is a little iffy in that regard, and new statements on the matter remain to be said.

Should the lawsuit be successful, the production and sale of the Switch into the United States could be interrupted altogether, removing the domain of Nintendo’s sales of that product out of the country; this likely affects the market that supports the company, and it also directly affects the consumers that subscribe to the brand.

Still, Nintendo as a company is not a stranger to lawsuits about patent infringement. The standing on their reputation of not necessarily dropping too low on their sales. Their performance seems to be unparalleled within sales, remaining on par with their purchases, despite several claims laid upon their products. There is still a high market that expects them as per record shows, even as of recent. Still, Nintendo finds its way into the arena even with the newer aspects of the Switch which involves a cardboard-based mechanism, owning up to a new product of their patent.

In turn, how it may affect Gamevice is another case. Gamevice has had a history against the Nintendo corporation, one being the Wikipad case. The corporation’s stance in keeping the Switch out of being imported into the United States stays as their primary objective, and should the lawsuit be lost or dropped; the company may have to remain back in competition with the product again.


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