An augmented reality product to be released by Apple, codenamed T288, is announced for 2020, with features that combine both augmented reality and virtual reality as a scheme.

Apple as a corporation has created significant innovations in the tech industry, and it aims to deliver more this coming 2020 with a new headset coded as T288.

The T288 is supposedly a headset that puts together augmented reality with virtual reality, with other rather ambitious technicalities that may have followed on their little “reveal” from unnamed sources. Whether or not Apple will finish this project is unknown, but it brings open a lot of possibilities in the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality technology.

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, extends his approval of Virtual and Augmented Reality, posing that the concept is just as important as the brand’s primary product, the iPhones. The requirements for the project to take off, if ever, requires more significant engineering achievements. Pushing forward to create something past innovative, it could create a new state of the line of a product that is at peak amongst current day technology.

The point of augmented reality is that it creates a base of interaction between reality and system based operations, while with virtual reality it integrates another system altogether. To put together, the two forms a mass interaction within the projected scenes that may lead to different functions variable to use and other related extensions.

Creating a new standard may raise the current standing of Apple after several declines over sales and profits especially after the current loss with recent events. While it also recently hit a higher mark following the iPhone X, there remains to be more hope on the part of the Tech Giant.


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