The Windows 10 Lean Edition will be launching soon for devices that have less storage. Seemingly, if Microsoft’s decision to start a lean edition is accurate, it could benefit devices with lesser storage capacity, indefinitely.

The Microsoft’s Windows 10 Lean Edition will be called Redstone 5. It will include a slim version for devices that have less storage space and capacity.

The new edition will benefit those devices such as low-cost laptops or tablets, to eliminate lags or any other speed or performance issues. Specifically, the new version will be intended for devices that have less than 16GB storage.

However, one must ensure that the device running under the Lean Edition are eligible for the Windows update.

The upcoming Lean Edition was discovered by Twitter user Lucan and was confirmed afterward when Windows were publicly releasing the Windows 10 tests build.

Moreover, it has also been revealed that Microsoft is reducing the storage space needs by removing those components that will not be required on the low-end devices such as the Internet Explorer and others.

The issue with the original Microsoft Windows is the size of its operating system, making it less functional for low running capacity devices and performing exceptionally slow. Consumers experience accounted states that performance is compromised especially running on low-end devices.

However, confirmation regarding the liberation of the Lean version will be coming to the market soon. We are, however, expecting the Build Developer Conference this May to be the possible unveiling event for the Windows 10 Lean version.


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