“Political correctness” applied to your regular social media feeds.

Social media has become a prominent portion of our society since the dawn of the 2010’s. Everywhere people would look, they’d probably find someone checking on their Facebook page, their Tumblr accounts, or whatever platform is available out there on their mobile devices. The creation of social media was the dawn of something that was meant for connections, and it later evolved into a place for exposure and creative content.

As the years went by, almost everything has been made readily available online. One of the significant portions of that would be information, and while knowledge can be readily assessed as factual, some points may require more considerable speculation than one would think.

These functions followed since the dawn of being able to post whatever ideas you would have liked to; something that Facebook originated back in 2006. Several sites followed in turn, but posting has been limited to who is right and wrong in the name of “political correctness.”

The term “politically correct” came around to society in a way to accept liberalism in avoidance of discriminatory language. But, as media grew, it developed within social circles online to have to put generic labels on certain phrases that are permitted to use at specific times. 

It presents that specific ideals have to provide alignment to generic terms. The idea of the exposure of individual views on the internet creates this whole sphere of social acceptance or rejection, which comes in the form of the response in turn for the user in the verdict for belonging in a specific area of judgment (correct or otherwise).

The progression of social media has left a lot, putting a significant imprint on society as time progresses. Users are provided with news, and anyone who gets their time online permits a regular influx of information to be taken. Even majorly involving old conflicts and newer inspirations, social media has yet gotten to the creation of more enormous protests in the cause of something politically indignant.


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