Social Media culture may be promoting and romanticizing mental illnesses to teenagers.

With the birth of the 21st century, the society paved ways for arts and other forms of media to be open to the masses, creating an avenue for self-expression and exposure for most people who go on the internet for their fancy. Facebook has become a staple, along with other platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc., and it is close to impossible to get rid of these portions of the internet out of our lives. There is a problem leading from there, though, as it can be identified that social media can be a factor that leads to depressive inclinations.

While this encourages a platform for people of every spectrum to really express themselves, it also reportedly exposes vulnerable aspects of people out into the interspace, and it may pose a risk of romanticizing mental illnesses and the like, which can be comparable to how it can be portrayed in media and other shows such as Thirteen Reasons Why (a novel which was later adapted into a Netflix series.) The exposure of the nature of life has lacked the sensitivity that is required of it, which in turn, becomes detrimental to its viewership. There is a speculation that perhaps in turn, social media and how we create perceptions around the sites we peruse actively create an unhealthy state of the mind.

Critics openly acclaim the possible direct impacts that social media has been trying to force down, stating how the world is either becoming image-based or, at a level, somehow bottom-feeding through the waves and content that they’d be rummaging through. Reportedly, it does not produce conducive results in positivity, and while social media can be used to promote the better welfare and lifestyle, being a powerful tool that we have on these very times, there are still massive detriments that follow the abuse of it.


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