Perspective shifting between the youth perspective in contrast to conservatives on the latest issue of Gun Control.

Ever since the shooting last February 14, several youth groups all across the United States have come to advocate their stance to support gun control. While shootings have become somewhat prevalent within the United States, it has been put forward into a more significant open platform as the victims of the shootings themselves have come to take their stand and vocalize what they feel were the detrimental effects the easy access of ammunition does to society. The students appeal against the NRA in the March for Our Lives movement and explicitly stated their points to the public eye.

Their fight against the frequent use and possession of guns have been put under intense scrutiny, especially among conservative groups and Trump supporters, as to some even calling the students “soulless,” somehow calling forth the idea that the students merely idealize America they request in contrast to your standard reality. Typical comments from the population that negates the movement run on how their campaign may be affecting their rights that fall along with holding possession of such arms within their homes, some responses that point critique against the nature of the signs that the protesters use.

That being said, there are a lot of steps to tackle even coming from statements that the NRA has left to hand out. President Donald Trump has released a report back in February for gun control but later shifts tide along with his stance. The future of the plight of gun control remains ominous but vocal at best. All in all, the public does require statements on every angle, thus forming a respective outlet that may yield results on the central issue itself.

Overall, the issue does not seem to see its end quite soon. But, the youth groups still actively pursue their stance as the nation continuously watches, taking the sight of every creative sign that borders reflection on past protests brought to life for the sake of the future conditions of students and other ordinary citizens within the country.


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