Summary: An overview of laws made to protect.

The world has been trying to be accommodating with creating more laws that would hopefully deter animal abuse, and animal welfare laws and acts have come to fulfill their purpose here and there. 

Sadly, there still remains a big question mark over the years on the effectivity that comes along with this and especially in the smallest of cases, from domestic abuse, flight regulations on pet accommodations, and even to the publicity stunt kind of material. 

It varies for the rules of every land, but all in all the defiance of the common law results in the damage to animals, wildlife or domesticated.

In careful consideration with apparent violations, there are ongoing investigations that try to detain any participating party actively. But, there remains the constant moral ambiguity that follows the progress of animal rescuers. 

Some programs do try to promote and advocate the welfare of animals, presented in specific sites on the internet such as The Dodo

A lot of agencies try to promote their content through either heartwarming or heart-wrenching content. The query of their movements made their statements clear, but the validity of whether they remain active after the sentiments became a grey line that does not provide a substantial long-term answer.

That being said, there is enough of the advocacies. However, else may be present, but what remains under the criticism of various groups on the motion of animal welfare is that the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) may be lacking in the parameters of the animals that can decidedly be protected at its current position and set of amendments. 

There is still a required follow-up for every other vague statement that may have to form more inclusive prohibitions. Some conditions may even need stricter governance at the end of the day.


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